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Surcharge Pricing

Practically Eliminate Merchant Fees with Surcharge Pricing.

Surcharge Pricing can reduce some or all of your processing fees, by charging a 3% fee to the cardholder in lieu of processing fees to your practice. For those looking to significantly reduce their merchant fees, Surcharge Pricing can be a cost reduction tool.

What is Surcharge Pricing?

The Surcharge program adds a surcharge fee of 3% to all credit card purchases. The purpose of surcharging is to help dental practices offset the cost of credit card processing fees by passing some or all of the cost back to the cardholder. Per card brand regulations, a surcharge cannot exceed 3% and the fee is assessed on the entire transaction amount.

How can Surcharge Pricing be used?

Surcharging can be applied to all four card brands Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Credit cards. Surcharge CANNOT be applied to debit cards, pre-paid cards, (such as HSA and FSA cards), or keyed transactions. The Vital X5 device will automatically identify card type by BIN range and determine whether a Surcharge may be applied to the transaction (credit) or not (debit/prepaid).

What is required to use Surcharge Pricing?

Each dental practice that opts to use surcharge pricing must place signage at the point-of-entry to the practice as well as the point-of-sale alerting patients that they will be assessed a Surcharge on credit card transactions. The Surcharge amount will be disclosed as a unique line item on the credit card transaction receipt.

The required signage will be mailed out within one to two weeks of account migration to the surcharge program. All dental practices can also download the signage from the card brands on the Vital Help Site.

Surcharge Pricing can only be offered with use of the Vital X5 terminal and the virtual terminal.


A cleaning costs $200. If there is 0% sales tax for services, the total transaction amount is $200. If the dental practice imposes a 3% surcharge, the cardholder will pay an additional $6, (3% of $200), for a total of $206.

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