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Purchasing Agreement: Ormco

Winner of over 25 industry awards, Ormco has nearly 60 years of distinguished history providing the orthodontic profession with a breadth of high quality, innovative products and solutions backed by attentive customer service and educational support. Cooperative Members now have access to aggressive pricing discounts on a variety of orthodontic products that including Damon brackets and the new cutting edge technology in clear liners offered with their Spark line.

How to Purchase: To qualify for discount, orders must be placed directly with Ormco. Contact information for your Ormco rep are emailed to you once your Agreement has been processed. Your Co-Op Area Director has this information and is available on Member Services.

Discounts and Terms: Discount levels are based on previous year total Cooperative purchasing volume. Current discount pricing and offers are available on Member Services.

    Purchasing Agreement: Ormco


    Once submitted, the Agreement will be sent to our the associated vendor partner for a rep assignment and flagging in their system. Confirmation will be emailed to you when your vendor rep has been assigned.